Slocum Heights

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I don’t get to go home this Thanksgiving so the Syrause crew decided to have Thansgiving dinner tonight before everyone heads home to their families and leave behind the few of us who live too far away to travel home.

It’s a potluck and I’m bringing sugar cookies iced with cream cheese frosting, garlic mashed potatoes with meatless gravy (no one here believes there’s such a thing), and creamed corn.

Tricia came up from Philly to visit me and this morning I saw her off. It was like seeing a child off to college or something. The apartment feels empty. Come back, Tricia.

Trica got to witness firsthand all the drama I get to call my life. I think I should pitch the idea to a TV exec. Instead of The OC we’ll call it Slocum Heights.

I’d write more but I got to go mash some potatoes. Tune in next week for the Thanksgiving episode of Slocum Heights.


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