It’s 11/11. Make a wish.

So, the cold makes you want to do nothing but stay indoors and be warm. I have to deal with this whole new idea of coat-checking. Because when you go indoors it literally takes you five minutes to peel off all the extra layers of clothing you have on. Ridiculous. But, it’s fun. My roommate, Carrie, said to think of the winter as a new way to wardrobe experimentation. I just ordered online from REI $300 of North Face stuff. I don’t know about this wardrobe experimentation if it means I have to shop at a sporting goods store. I like coats but this is serious hi-tech performance gear. Not quite stylish.

I got home after a long day of work. Oh, yeah since I’m catching up. I work at the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center, which is a restaurant. The only sit down restaurant on campus. We always get these snotty brats from Long Island who think they being waited on hand and foot is their birthright. So, I have to listen to them talk about flying down to the city every weekend or yachting in St. Bart’s while they eat. I also work for Campus Catering. I rack in about 12-20 a week, about $100-$200 a week. Yeah, that’s what I’m living off of. Sad, I know. But, I also have loans. So, don’t worry I can eat. Plus, the best thing about working in food services is all the free food you get.

My writing as a journalist is developing. Although I find it very limiting and confining. But, I’m getting used to it. I have a story due every week for the past eight weeks. In fact I have a story due tomorrow that I should be writing but I’m waiting on three more interviews. Next semester I’m probably interning at The Post-Standard, the local paper. Twelve hours a week. It’s where I’ll be getting clips, which are pertinent to get a job in journalism.

And the greatest thing of all. I met a boy. An unbelievably wonderful boy. His name is Rick and he’s great. I never thought I could ever feel like this about another person whom I’ve only known for four months. You just have to put faith in fate. It’ll happen. We’re both firm believers. I sound so much like people I used to make fun of. But, love does happen especially when you least expect it and it is the greatest thing in the world. Oh boy, I’ve turned into a hopeless sap.

I can’t wait for the Thanksgiving break. I can finally take a breather and relax. Whew. I wish I were going home but alas being a graduate student doesn’t afford you the luxury of flying back and forth for fun. I just have to wait until December. Hopefully I won’t be stranded at the airport because of a snowstorm. But, I’ll be in December 20th. So, call me. Woohoo.


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