I Survived Newhouse Bootcamp and Am Going Home to Visit

I’ve been so busy writing news stories that I haven’t been able to write here or in my journal. And when I don’t get to write I feel like something is missing. So, here is my weak attempt at just writing for the sake of catching up.

I’m back in Cali for about a week. I’ve missed it so. I guess I made the realization that this is where I’ll eventually end up. There’s no place else that brings out sheer giddiness in me just thinking about it.

I spent three eventful days in NYC with “Team Syracuse”. Nine of us roaming the streets of Manhattan. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Tale of Two Cities? Dickens encapsulates it so well.

Since I’ve been back I’ve seen five bands perform. Okay, so it was four bands plus an Elvis impersonator. I love Rilo Kiley. Their new album is fantastic. I talked to Jason about being friends with Janie for a decade plus a year and Blake labeled me a warmonger. And Jenny is my hero. I miss going to shows. I’m going to Sunset Junction on Saturday to get my fill. Twenty or so bands in one day. Woohoo.

I had an audition today. Yeah, I’m back in town for a week and I go on an audition. I hate to admit how a part of this surreal world I really am sometimes. If I get it, I have to fly back for a four-hour shoot in September. Who does that? Besides Britney Spears and the like.

After the audition I walked around Santa Monica Promenade for a little while because it was so nice out. Then I met Joe in Studio City for coffee but the coffee shop was closed because of the vigil for the fire victim. So we went next door for pizza. Joe got his headshots back but he’s not happy. I have yet to see them. We had a long talk about making life changing decisions. It was good seeing him.

After our extended talk we were late to our respective rehearsal and photo shoot. He was rehearsing for an acting class and I had to take my staff photo for the magazine. It was yearbook style so I decided to go with an 80’s mall rat look. Heidi did my hair and makeup. It was very 80’s. After meeting her new man and his brother we girl-talked for a couple hours. It was fun.

Then I walked over to The Derby. Yeah, Heidi lives in this amazing apartment off of Los Feliz. I’m so jealous. Virginia’s friend Amy was playing with her band tonight. And Paul was spinning. And The Pacific was playing too. I’ve never seen them play, but I was reminded that I once told the lead singer that he was cute. Yeah, embarrassing. It was two years ago at my birthday party and I was plastered.

Gawd, two years ago. Damn, time just keeps flying faster and faster. Tomorrow I’m seeing Janice and baby. Attie is already 5 months. Wow. Growing right before my eyes. Then Brass Monkey for old times sake.

This was a lame entry but I needed to catch up.


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