I heart Syracuse

Ciao from New York. I am having the most unbelievable time. People here are so goddamn nice. I got in Tuesday night after having one crazy flight involving thunderstorms in Texas and hiding out in the plane until it was over and missing my connecting flight to Syracuse in Chicago. I got to know the O’Hare Aiport really well because I walked the entirety of it. After finally getting into Syracuse shortly after midnight I was picked up by Matt, Brian and Livvy. I stayed the night at Livvy’s because I couldn’t get the keys to my place the next morning which Livvy drove me to go get and Matt and Brian helped me move my stuff in. Great people I tell you.

Wednesday the four of us plus Livvy’s dad had dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse where we were denied bread. We went to a gaming shop next door to pick up Livvy’s comics and headed over to Shoppingtown Mall to watch Spiderman II. I don’t know. I think I liked the first one better.

Thursday morning I woke up hungry and the only thing I had in my fridge was leftover spaghetti from the previous night. Only I didn’t have a fork. Or any utensil for that matter. I took the 10 minute bus ride to the main campus to buy yougurt so that I could get a spoon but all she had were forks. Which was perfect for the spaghetti. I also opened a bank account. Bought my ethernet cable and got hooked up to the internet. Matt drove me to Target where I spent almost $250 dollars in houseware stuff. The bare necessities like toilet paper and utensils. I treated Matt to lunch at Applebee’s because he drove me around and pushed my full shopping cart around for a good hour. Then we met up with Brian, Lou, Aude, Rick, Sara, Chris, Rand, and Erica for dinner at Dinosaur BBQ, which apparently is known across the country. I had the only non-meat thing on the menu BBQ portobello sandwich. It was tasty. Then we walked around aimlessly trying to find Armory Square, which is where all the bars are located. We found Mully’s, an Irish pub I think I got wasted at the last time I was in Syracuse for Preview Day. I don’t really remember much except never to order Woodchuck cider ever again. We got lost going and coming home. It’s a good way to get to know the city.

Friday, Sara took Rick and I to go get our id’s. And we roamed around the campus and pretended to be students in the empty classrooms. Then we took the bus to Carousel Mall and roamed there. I wanted to buy an extension cord outlet at Best Buys but apparently they don’t carry any. Weird. Then Lou picked us up at the mall with Aude because Aude needed a cellphone and then we headed over to Matt and Brian’s for some Marlon Brando mourning, Mario Kart and Trivial Pursuit.

This morining breakfast was served at my place buffet style because I had cereal but was missing the milk. Aude had the milk but was missing a spoon and Rick also had the cereal but was missing the bowl, the spoon and milk. Then Lou and Sara came over and then Matt and Brian. So, we had a quick nice breakfast together before heading to Manlius for a Independence Day parade. After watching the last five minutes of the parade we headed over to Chris’ to swim in his pool. Then after not getting a good enough game of water volleyball going we headed to a miniature golf course for a round. I realized I don’t really like the game. I don’t have enough patience for it. Then we went to the batting cages. Now, that I love. It’s great aggression release. We wanted to warm up for the softball game happening next week at the Dean’s house. Ready to kick some ass. At 4pm, yes we did all of this before 4pm we decided to recoup before heading out to a party at Tailgators tonight. The place is sponsoring the night and giving us free kegs. Too bad I hate beer.

This has been my four days in New York. I feel like I’ve already been here forever. The people here are amazing. We’ve got a bunch of really different people together and yet we work well as a group. We were thrown into the same situation and were forced to bond. This has got to be the fastest way to make new friends. Well, I’m going to hop in the shower and take a quick nap. And I’ll continue my stories later…


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