Goodbye LA, Hello Syracuse

So, this is it. My last entry from the west coast. The next time I post it will be in eastern time. All these feelings of anxiousness, eagerness, excitement, sadness, happiness all whirled into one goopy mix of feelings makes me want to burst or throw my shoe really, really far. I am ready. As ready as I’ll ever be. I’m going to miss everyone and everything about California. But at the same time, the newness and ambiguity of a new place entices the wanderlust of my soul. I am excited. New material for the book. I like to think of this move as a writing exercise. Turn to page 17…Excercise #4: move across country, away from your friends and family and everything you’ve ever known. And absorb, absorb, absorb. Then write. Thus, began the next chapter.

Brass Monkey was a blast. Those of you who made it out, thanks for making my last Brass experience an unforgettable one. For those who couldn’t, you were truly missed. I know you’re kicking yourselves for missing the most moving rendition of “We Are the World” of all time. It was wicked cool. I’m practicing for the east coast. Wicked cool.

Adieu, adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow.


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