Roadtrip Up the Cali Coast

Oh, I forgot…I’m sending out an Evite for my going-away. Friday June 25th at Brass Monkey. Come anytime between 6pm and 2am. And learn the words to “We Are the World”.
Road-tripping is an existential journey. Coming back from a 6-day trek up the coast of California confined to a car and the ambiguity of what the next day held can alter perspectives. It’s a cheap way to get away and clear your mind. Angela and I left Sunday afternoon in search of gargantuan, reddish trees that grow only in the cooler regions of the country. Destination: Redwoods. We made it there there and back with enough to time to spare at local tourist spots and accompanying traps.

These are my memories.
Santa Barbara and Jalepeno & Cilantro Hummus and crackers, Solvang for Danish pastries and windmills, Ostrich Land for what else but ostriches, Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach for Huell Howser recommended clam chowder and fish & chips, Madonna Inn for attempted breaking and entering Angela, Hearst Castle to take a dip in the swimming pool (Failed attempt. But now a life goal), Big Sur hiking in search of a waterfall (Hawaii at some angles), Santa Cruz Boardwalk for icees, Gilroy garlic fries, and churros, the World Famous Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz for an apathetic park ranger, squirrel chasing and unexplainable phenomena, Golden Gate Park and almost death by wind (I’ve never been so scared in my entire life. And I liked it), tapas in Mission and eating dinner and being reminded of a horrendous prom, Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree for the senior citizens and childhood memories, Eternal Tree House full of spiders, Avenue of the Giants for the 32-miles of awe-inspiring wonder and angering a river spirit (After pocketing a rock from the river and reenacting a VW commercial), banana slugs, ice-cream at the Chimney Tree, the Legend of Bigfoot, Eureka as our turnaround point (Eureka we don’t live there), Ferndale – population 352 for Curley’s bread served with butter and crushed garlic, hiking near the burnt down Cliff House and enticing the sun to come out with an inpromptu sun dance, sweet crepes, savory crepes, walking in Frisco, Palace of Fine Arts (where Claire Forlani and Freddie Prinze Jr. conversed in the movie Boys and Girls and where mutant fish leap into the air), more free style walking in Frisco until my legs fell off, Fisherman’s Wharf for more clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, Bart ride to Berkeley for Raleigh’s nachos and cider and the longest walk home back to Mission.

We took the mundane 5 down to save time for I had to meet my new friend Livvy who is generously letting me crash at her place because I won’t be able to get the key to my apartment until 9am the next day. We had lunch in Belmont Shore and it was like meeting old friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. It’s really nice to have someone to go through this entire moving to New York from California experience with. We’ll freeze together, Livvy. It’s all about Yak Traks, right? 10 days and counting. Yikes. I’m going to pee my pants.

The magazine fundraiser came and went. I’m so glad it’s all over with and we can now focus on other things. We didn’t make as much as we had wanted so now we must go the investor route. Which hopefully won’t be too bad with the right people. Overall, we did what we could do. I got an extra special shout-out from Carrick and that was enough to make my night. Not boasting or anything but I think that my band was the best performance of the evening. And there were some pretty hot male models in the fashion show. And Alex and I put on a performance of our own catcalling from the front row. Haha. It was a fun night.

I think I’m emotionally ready to go. Now, I just have to pack.

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