Wrapping Up

It’s June 2nd. I have tentative (meaning I need to buy a ticket) plans to fly out of Cali on July 4th. That is like exactly a month away. The other day I had a panic attack and called Angela while driving home from the most random wedding ever. It was in Murrieta at a ranch where we had to ride a hayride up the hill to the house. There was a BBQ, kettle corn and cotton candy. I hurt my thigh muscles and got whiplash, ready for this…riding a mechanical bull. Yep, there was a mechanical bull at the wedding and I rode it. It was actually a really cute, quaint wedding. It fitted the bride and groom really well. Attending weddings makes me want to have one myself. For the party planning aspects, of course.

The fundraiser is in a week. Shiite. It came up so fast. I can’t believe I’ve been with the magazine almost 7 months now. I guess it’s now or never. Everybody Else, Parliament’s Funk Metrics and Get Bent will be performing at the event. We will have a fashion show by LunaMore and The Bohemian Society and Giselle Bundchen among others will be modeling. There will be a live art show by David Hennebush along with a silent art auction, raffles and a Casino-style VIP room. So come one, come all. Proceeds benefit the creation of Sphere and three charities: OXFAM, Locks of Love and USAS. Visit SphereMagazine.com for more info.

I checked some things off my “Before I Leave Cali” list: Santa Monica Pier and Promenade, ate a churro, Amoeba Records, marry Jake Gyllenhaal (in my dreams at least) after watching Day After Tomorrow, In ‘N Out grilled cheese and animal style fries, Johnny Rockets, family time…I sure am going to miss California and everything about it. Like weddings on ranches.

I’m making my own Belle & Sebastian t-shirt. It’ll be kelly green with white lettering. I’ll show you when I’m done. If you like, I’ll make you one.


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