Farewell List

So I’m leaving for New York in about a month. It’s that time again. Time for month long celebrations because this is reason enough to celebrate. So, let’s party like you’ll never see me again. Because who knows, right? I’ve started my good-byes already. Lunch with Liz @ Farmer’s Market, Pepsi Smash with Dr. Tricia (congrats on your doctorate) and our adieus to Maroon5 and Phantom Planet (we’ve come full circle), veggie works burrito from Del Taco, MOCA, Thoroughly Modern Millie at The Ahmanson, Santa Monica Promenade, free shows @ Fingeprints, Belmont Shores, happy hour @ Sushi Studio…

Things to do (come one, come all):
Hollywood Bowl Summer Kickoff- June 13th
Hiking in Malibu
LACMA – June 8th
The Getty
Club Bang
Three Clubs
In ‘N Out Grilled Cheese Animal Style and French Fries Animal Style
Marry Jake Gyllenhaal or David Schwimmer
Attend a Laker game
Attend a Dodger game
Highway 1 Roadtrip California Style to the Redwoods (I love those damn huge trees)
Shopping on Melrose
Sphere Magazine Fundraiser – June 9th
Say good-bye to coworkers, friends and family

Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything. Suggestions?


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