Great News Twice in One Day

Omigod. The greatest news of my entire life. I was kicking, screaming, jumping up and down. I almost cried. I came into the Student Traveler office after my dermatologist appointment which was good news all in its own right. The atopic dermatitis, Dr. Castro diagnosed, is just that. He had told me at the previous appointment that there’s a possibility of it being something else. Specifically, morphea which is a type of scleraderma. Which is a life-long, debilitating chronic condition. I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want anyone to worry. But, there were nights when I cried myself to sleep because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to live a full life. But, I’m in the clear. I’m okay. Everything is okay. That’s was great news but there was even better news awaiting me. At the office I checked my Syracuse email and along with 20 new emails from my new classmates there was one from the assistant dean. Here is the letter:


I have some great news for you. We are in a position to award you a Newhouse
Fellows semi-finalist award. This means that you will get all of your
tuition paid for during your year in the MNO program (36 credits). All you
will be responsible for is the lab fees associated with some of your classes
as well as room, board, books and incidentals.

Could you email me back and tell me that you are willing to accept this
award with you current address so that we can send you a formal letter.
I’m looking forward to meeting you in July.

Joel Kaplan
Assistant Dean for Professional Graduate Studies
Newhouse School of Public Communications
Syracuse University

I thought it was a mass email to everyone. After reading it, I checked and it was a letter specifically written to ME. And that the assistant dean was offering me a fellowship. That means all of my previous concerns about money was lifted from my weary shoulders. This was the best news I have ever heard next to Dr. Castro’s reassurance. Today was full of good news. I am so happy. I almost peed my pants. I wanted to share this with everyone. Thanks for being my friends. I won’t be in $35,000 debt when I graduate. Awesome. I’m treating everyone to lunch. Who wants to eat? It’s on me.


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