Happy Thai New Year

The 13th day into April and here I am. Happy Songkran aka the Thai New Year. If we were in Thailand I’d shoot you all with my Super Soaker 2000. It’s the tradition. I’m suppose to help wash away any misgivings of the past year to make way for the wondrous things that will come with the new one. If you’re ever in Thailand April 13-15, you can find out first hand how wet things can get. It’s super fun. I highly recommend it.

So, I’ve been super busy working on tv pilots, doing temp work, interning at Student Traveler and working on PR for Sphere that I haven’t had time to breathe. So, here and now I take my first real breath. I’m on jury duty this entire week so I haven’t had to work. Which is nice welcomed break. We had jury selection today and yes, yours truly is one of the twelve selected jurors. Juror #5 to be exact. I can’t divulge anything else because I took an oath. It’s kind of fun being a juror. It’s my first time and I live for first time anythings. I rode the elevator down with the cross-section of representatives that I will be deliberating with for the next couple days and it was this movie moment. All these people from different walks of life crammed into one elevator. It’s moments like these I wonder about the grand scheme of things and why certain people come into our lives.

And then I wondered what I was going to eat for dinner.


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