Rotting Mayo

I got a wake up call from Ronnie, my account executive over at AppleOne, asking me if I could temp today through Friday at some office in Garden Grove. I needed money badly so I groggily said yes and that I would leave in 10 minutes. I made it to the Garden Grove Industrial Park by 9:30am. I’ve always wondered why they were called “parks”. Under the florescent glimmer and surrounded by the lullaby of a mechanical hum I scanned and data-entered for 7 hours. I escaped for an hour at lunch to the strip malls of the OC and ate a small veggie on wheat from Quizno’s under a tree in the middle of the huge parking lot. I had to make do with what was available. This 9-5 office crap is definitely not for me. But it will have to do for now. Just means to an end. Today I got lots of paper cuts. And my drive home was almost vomit nauseous because the jalepeno I dropped at lunch in my car cooked for a good 5 hours. It smelled like mayo. I hate mayo. I especially hate the smell of mayo. And warm mayo. Let’s not even go there.


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