Santa Barbara or Bust

Santa Barbara was a blast. I didn’t know I could laugh until it hurt so bad. Anna took her grandpa’s van and loaded it up with Jillian, Sueann, Santiago, Brian and I and we headed off for the Vanderberg Air Force Base in Santa Maria to visit Gerald. We were a collective from a backpacking class we all took a couple years ago and I like us as a group. We hit a little traffic but finally made it to Gerald’s “module”. We made dinner, watched the Laker/Clipper game and asked some self-discovery questions before hitting the sack. We were going hiking the next morning. Of course our plan of hitting the road by 7am really meant 10am. The fog hadn’t burned off yet and when we hit the Trespass trail it rolled in some more. We were walking through an Irish Springs commercial. Our hike had a dead end so we went back down and started the other way to get to the hot springs, where we found porno pictures strewn about and red candle wax residue melted on rocks. And everyone complained about the sulfuric stench. So with all those elements mixed together, the hot springs didn’t look too inviting. Another turnaround. We were starving by lunchtime so we ate at a Chinese buffet. And ate more than we really needed too. Food coma. So we drove back to the base to rest before heading back down to Santa Barbara’s State Street for the three D’s – dinner, drinking, and dancing. Dinner was aiight. Ate way too many tortilla chips and cups of salsa. Drinking ghetto fabulous style in the van was ridiculously fun. And dancing was even more fun. If you can believe one can have that much fun in one night. “When I move you move, just like that.” And some points in the night we had an audience. It was like we were in Dirty Dancing 3: Santa Barbara Nights. I was the DD and drove the 45 minutes back up to the base in thick fog. It seemed like forever. But finally rolled in about 4am to crash and wake up a couple hours later for the drive home. We stopped at Refugio State Beach because it was just too enticing of conditions not to. And it was a beautiful end to a fantastic weekend getaway with some fantastic people.

I just saw “Honey” and there’s a tutorial on some of the routines. I learned one.

I’ve got about 3 months before the big coast to coast move. I’m just occupying my time until then.

I’m redeeming my Disneyland 2fer this weekend. I’m gonna go on the Tower of Terror and eat a churro.

My doctor’s appointment is set for Monday the 29th. I’ll post the results.


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