Clicker or Blinker

I could definitely get used to this work from home biz. I wrote my press release, contacted Oxfam’s press officer in D.C., researched celebrity clientele to attach to non-profits, applied for two PR jobs and all while still in my pajamas. Nice.

So last week was one crazy, sleep-deprived week. I worked crazy 13-hour days on this TBS promo Tuesday through Friday. I saw Everybody Else and Elefant at the Troubadour Wednesday night where Carrick casually brushed my arm and apologized for running into me on my way downstairs. *Sigh*, I’ll never wash my arm again. Elefant was awesome. I finally saw Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights on Thursday. Diego Luna is absolutely scrumptious. I sound like a hoighty-toighty debutante. Who uses the word scrumptious…moreover, to actually describe people? Rich, vengeful sluts. Like the ones in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. My all-time favorite guilty pleasures movie. I spent a long, crazy, people-filled day at Disneyland with Anna and her four kid cousins on Saturday. I’m writing a letter to Disney to complain about the amount of people they let into the park. It was freaking ridiculous. We were stuck in stroller traffic coming out of the Snow White show for at least a good 30 minutes, where we went absolutely nowhere. Insane I tell you. Sunday was a much more appreciated, mellow day at Knott’s Berry Farm where Chris and I spent our down time between eating going on rides. Funnel cake rules.

Question of the day:
What do you call the thing in a car used when wanting to make a lane change?

I’m taking a poll and wondering if ethnicity plays a part on what people answer. I’ll tell you what I call it when you tell me.


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