Stream of Consciousness

I now truly believe that our 20’s are the hardest years to live through. I think because we are living in that state of limbo. Unsure or unaware of what is to become of us especially afters years and years of foreseen structure. What do we do now? But that’s not going to stop me from having the time of my life.

Damn, I just glanced down at the pedicure I gave myself last night and apparently my toes were not thoroughly dried before I went to bed last night so now I have imprints of my blanket imbedded in my nail polish. That sucks. Oh, well. I am not doing them over. I rarely give myself pedicures. But I just bought this cute little pedicure set from Nordstrom Rack and decided my tootsies needed some tender, loving care. I’m usually not a really big fan of feet. Mine or yours. Ever hear that you can judge how well someone will take care of you by looking at their feet? Well, me neither. So, I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me.

$1 Filet O’ Fish Fridays are back because of Lent. Yippee. Add a vanilla cone and I’m a happy camper. Me and my sophisticated palate.

I need to find Scrabble aficionados. I can never find anyone to play with me. I’ve resorted to playing with myself. It’s not that fun.

I got the new issue of Traveler and I want to be the girl on the cover. She’s in Paris, wearing a white hat, riding a bike with a basket full of flowers and produce down a cobblestone street.

I think I need to see an allergist to take an allergy test because I broke out in hives the other day after eating something or other.

I want to learn how to snowboard this season. Anybody want to teach me? You must be extremely patient and your ass must look cute in snowboarding pants. Reasoning: if they can possibly look good in puffy, snowboarding pants then you can imagine what they would look like out of them. On the topic of booties. I saw part of “Wilde” and I saw Jude Law’s. Wow.

Despite all the bad reviews I really want to see Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Diego Luna from Y Tu Mama Tambien is in it. And it’s a dance movie. Dance movies can never go wrong. With moi at least. I love dance movies.

My best friend Ann is moving to the Big Apple. She just got a job at the NAACP. Yay, Ann. She really is SuperGirl. I am so proud of her. I’ve known Ann since we were 7. That is a long ass time. I love you Ann.

Does anyone know anyone who wants to advertise in a magazine? I’ll share the commission with you.


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