Spontaneous SF Valentine’s Weekend

Back from a spontaneous Valentine’s weekend road trip up to the Bay Area. It all started around 6pm Saturday evening. Ivan, Ann and I decided to be each other’s Valentine’s to make it all a little less painful. Over sushi we decided that we should live life and spontaneously drive off for Frisco. We decided that if we left immediately after dinner we would have arrived too early to do anything. We picked up Anna along the way and decided a round of cosmic bowling would land us in Berkeley approximately at 8 o’ clock in the morning. Perfect. We didn’t take into consideration that it was a Sunday morning after Valentine’s day and that people wouldn’t be too happy receiving a wake up call from us outside their doorstep. We were like wandering vagabonds brushing our teeth in the streets and washing our faces in Berkeley’s restrooms. It was fun. We then headed to San Francisco where I almost have a panic attack driving over the Bay bridge. Yeah, remember that earthquake? I regretfully did. We head to Fisherman’s Wharf to watch the sea lions sunbathe and to eat a bread bowl of clam chowder. Then hiked a 45 degree incline to get to Coit Tower. The view was undeniably worth the trek and $3.75. We saw some old friends and finally found a place to crash at Sara’s. We drifted off into a deep slumber so early that we missed Sex in the City. Then woke up Monday morning in time for brunch and begin our trek home. Ultimate bonding time and ultimate getaway relaxation. It was great.

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