I spent all of yesterday recovering from what I think was food poisoning. My sister thinks it was the flu. I woke up in the wee hours of Monday morning because I was having dreams of food floating around my face. Feeling nauseous I made a pilgrimage to the porcelain god. I tried not to upchuck cuz I hate puking more than anything else in the world. But I couldn’t go back to sleep so after sitting in the dark kitchen for some time it all decided to come up. Gross. I know. I felt better afterwards but the nausea came back soon after. I spent the entire day sleeping. I didn’t want to eat or smell anything. It was painful. I’m all better now. Just a little fatigued and stomach is still a little sensitive.

On a nauseous-less note, I’m seeing The Shins in San Diego on Sunday at Canes. Yippee. Other shows I plan on seeing…
Mates of States @ Troubdour 2/12
Elefant @ Troubdour 3/10
Modest Mouse @ Fonda 3/23
Damien Rice @ Wiltern 3/26
Fannypack @ Knitting Factory 3/30
Azure Ray @ Troubdour 4/3

Join me if you can.

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