These are my thoughts in no particular order

The Red Party was a major success. Thank you to all those who helped make that happen and played along with the color scheme. You guys are awesome. I think Tricia and I should so be party planners. Special thanks to Joe, Janice, and Mary who brought me gifts even though I said no presents and it was two weeks after my real birthday. You guys are great. I have great friends. Every single last drop of alcohol was consumed and we had a shitload that would give any bar a run for its money. Thanks to bartender Tricia. And at one point David Blaine magic tricks were being performed and even though we were running dry the party was still pumpin’. Next time though it’s BYOB. We ain’t making salary yet. Actually, next time I think it’s time for a low-key board game party. Cuz I love board games. Woohoo. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on that one.

I bowled a 129 tonight. It’s been ages since I’ve last bowled. It was so much fun. I was in great company. It’s always about the company. I can watch ants march a mile with great company. Cheers to great company.

I have a stinkin’ dentist appointment tomorrow to redo my crown that I had put on like two months ago. I think I need a new dentist.

Congratulations to Charisse and Robbie on their engagement. Hi, Charisse and Robbie.

I’m on hold to p.a. again on Wed, Thurs, Fri on the 2nd VW commercial I’ve been working on. Moolah. I want enough for an iPod mini. A days worth of grunt work plus mileage and I’ll be on my way to the Apple store. Yippee.

Ann and I watched “Win A Date with Tad Hamilton” which was of course horribly predictable but actually worse than we had expected. But, let me tell you that it is totally worth watching Josh Duhamel chop logs shirtless. That boy has rub-worthy pectorals, broad shoulders, a California tan East Coasters mid-winter would die broke for and heart-whirling boyish charm of an ADD-afflicted prepubescent boy. I think it’s the contrast of his personality with his studliness that makes him so appealing. He is definitely yummy-licious. I’m all for equal opportunity objectification. For future reference, I’m not usually into bronzed buff-ness. So, don’t think of me when you see like Chippendale calendars or something. Too cheesey. But, if there’s a firemen one then by all means. Firemen are hot.


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