My Very Own Page in the Magazine

I haven’t been to keen on the way I’ve been writing lately. Lack of enthusiasm. Pretty lazy and boring entries. I need to step it up a notch. Being recently promoted from just PR charity coordinator to PR charity coordinator that gets to write. Boo-yah!! I get my own page to fill with words and photos in every issue. A page of my very own. So, instead of a Christmas or birthday present you can all purchase a subscription to Sphere Magazine. Then you can rave about it to everyone you meet so that they can too subscribe. Most of a magazine’s revenue lies in subscriptions. Much of our success lies in our subscription numbers. Advertisers will want to advertise in highly circulated magazines. Advertisers tend to pay more to advertise in highly circulated magazines. Sphere Magazine coming to a newsstand/mailbox near you beginning September 2004.

On another fickle career note, I am p.a.’ing a VW commercial tomorrow. I worked on a commercial last week at the production office and while I was there I got work from another producing team. They’re shooting 5 VW commercials in about a week. It’s fun to be in this kind of environment again.

Gotta make a TJ run to pick up cocktail party food for the Red Party tonight.

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