Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! It is officially 2005. Oh, I mean two thousand and four, yo. I am so fatigued from almost nonstop new year celebrations that it’s taking a toll. Swollen tonsils, dark under eye circles, aching body. I got started early on my birthday festivities and decided to spend almost every night since New Year’s Eve eve, granted it has only been six days but it feels like an entire year, out drinking and dancing. I don’t know how Paris Hilton does it. Actually I did want to go out tonight too but responsible me knew I wouldn’t make it up for my 6:30am calltime tomorrow morning if I did go out. Hence, here I am. Setting the tone for the new year, I did some purification of the soul. I decided to clean and throw out a bunch of old things. I didn’t know what a packrat I was until I threw out bags and bags of sentimental junk I’ve garnered over the years. I really didn’t need the rough draft of the letter I wrote to Freddie Prinze Jr. or pressed roses from my prom corsage anymore. Bye bye to the past and the sentimental schmuck I used to be. So, because I think New Year resolutions like losing weight and whatever people usually resolutionize are stupid I thought about things I will do and/or would like to do in 2004: Mardi Gras, the Greek Isles: Crete, roadtrip USA destination NYC, sublet a Manhattan apartment for a month or two, be a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding, buy a powerbook, finish my novel, move to Syracuse in July, be a better daughter, sister, friend, make at least a five figure income…

I will be a quarter of a century old this time next week. Damn, I’m old. Well, at least I can rent a car for my roadtrip now. Woohoo. I am off to bed to dream of all the good things I want for my birthday. You know, like world peace and stuff.

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