Walking the PR Walk

I went to yet another Sphere Magazine PR meeting tonight. The ball is gently rolling. Gaining some momentum. I got in contact with Oxfam’s press officer in D.C. and she wants to have coffee with me when she arrives in LBC for the holidays. How great is that? I guess my email made me out to be a little more important than I really am. The logistics of PR…do whatever it takes to reel them in and afterwards…well, I’ll tell you later what happens at the meeting.

I worked on “The OC” twice this week and got my third SAG voucher. I can now join SAG after I pay the $1500 dollars initiation fee and sell them my soul. Woohoo.

I got a shithole of a crown put on my tooth and it’s making me speak with a lisp. I sell seashells by the seashore. It was my fault because the temporary crown I had fell out and then I missed an appointment and my teeth moved. So, I have to go back once again in January to get a new one. Blech. Well, until then if you want to hear me speak with a Cindy Brady lisp then call me up and listen.


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