Faithfully Yours, The Band-Aids

Been working on The Practice since last Thursday as an ER nurse. Long days, long hours equals big paychecks. Yay!!! On Friday I went hiking again and reached Sandstone Peak. I’m still feeling the pain. We also found out where all the cute surfers hang out in Malibu. On Saturday I trained a bunch of teens how to walk like beauty queens for this fundraising ball I’m going to this Saturday. Don’t ask me how I got into this but I get to dress up. So, yay!! On Sunday I watched this documentary “Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War” at this random person’s house in the LBC. Last night Tricia and I went to the Viper Room to see Phantom Planet. It was an intimate gathering of mostly industry people and about ten PP fans. At one point in the show Alex jumped off stage and sang in the crowd between Tricia and I. When I had a chance to look behind us there was this huge gap that clearly separated the industry folk from Tricia, Alex and I and in front of us were the ten hardcore fans rocking out like crazy. I didn’t know what to do. When Alex sang directly to me all I did was mildy rock my head and shrug. I was experiencing a delayed reaction. After the show we saw a loner Ben Lee. So we went and talked to him and he invited us to Bar Marmont. He was a little wasted. He’s recording in L.A. and then leaving for India at the end of this month. A little Ben info for all you fans. That could solely be just me. Then comes the best part. As we were leaving the parking lot we see this boy in a hooded black sweatshirt and fingerless gloves on a bike. First of all no one rides their bike in L.A. and especially not on Sunset Blvd. We look and it’s Alex stumbling along cuz we suspect that he is a little tipsy. We follow him a little ways until Sunset Plaza and then Tricia pokes her head out to ask if he needed a ride. He politely declined and we were mortified with embarassment with what we just did. We drove off shrieking with laughter. We decided to stop at the Marmont for the heck of it but we didn’t go in. Not just yet. We needed to collect ourselves first but later decided not to go in. We just replayed the hectic night we had in the car in the loading zone in front of the Marmont. Can that boy be any cuter? He rides a bike in L.A. and I’ve got a crush on him.


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