Dancing Can Be Dangerous

I had a great weekend. Ann and I busted a groove at her friend Weber’s birthday party Friday night at Tangiers in Los Feliz. Tangiers is a cute little place with a carpeted lounge room reminiscent of a bedroom where the DJ plays the entire Justin Timberlake album. “Hey, Brittany. You say you want to lose control. Come over here I’ve got something to show you.” Strawberry Fields martini…two thumbs up. Saturday I had a facial and saw “Love, Actually”, the feel good movie of the year and just in time for the holidays. It is a sweet, sweet movie. Hugh Grant is adorable. Then I put on my dancing shoes once again and headed out to Bang! where my battle scars include a bruised and skinned ankle from a swift kick some drunken dancer gave me and poke marks from this incessant poker I was briefly dancing amongst. Angela remarked that I always have weird things happen to me at Bang! And that’s the utter truth. I have done well in staying away from the Half-Yearly Sale. It’s taken all my strength but I shall overcome. I shall overcome. Hahahahaha. All I did today was watch Thai movies with my mom. It was great. Lazy Sundays are the best.


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