More Rounds of Interviews

So, the magazine internship interview went really well. The two girls I met were really cool and we ended up talking world politics to foreign travel for two hours. The position is basically assisting the PR coordinator with press releases and fundraising events. They are really open about bringing new ideas to the table. It seems overwhelming for just an internship position but at the same time really exciting and challenging. Finally, an internship that entails real work. I really believe in this product and I would want to see it succeed even if I don’t sign on.

Then this morning I went in for an interview at Hungry Man Productions in Santa Monica for a production office intern position. It sounds like a lot of what I did at Black Dog but they’re actually paying. It’s full-time commitment for three months. I have yet to go in for my second interview. We’ll see.

Then later today I went in for my second root canal appointment. The dentist kept stabbing me with these long needles. It hurt until she gave me a shot of novacaine and then I slobbered like a little baby. Now it’s wearing off and where she stabbed me multitiple times is beginning to throb. Can I just say how much I hate going to the dentist. I know no one likes going to the dentist. But, I really, really, really hate going to the dentist. I have to go in two more times to get a crown done cuz she basically drilled my tooth down to a stub.

Tomorrow I’m working on “Las Vegas” again at 7:00 o’clock in the freaking morning. At least I’ll miss traffic.


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