Wake-up Call, literally

I’m typing with gloves on because it’s so cold. And since I can’t feel the keys I have to look at the keyboard as I type. My multi-colored fingers singularly punching the keys. Stroke by measly stroke. I had a crazy, random wake-up call this morning. Some woman named Christina said she got my number from Heidi, this photo editor I’ve spoken to once on the phone about an internship at a magazine. Well, it turns out that Christina’s husband, Thomas, is working on something for HBO today and it was paying $100. Everything was incoherent from my dehydrated state of mind. All I heard was $100 and HBO. So, the next thing I know I’m calling Thomas but he said that I was too far. They needed someone 5 minutes away. It was in the valley. But he knows a Ron that may need some people. So, he took my number down and told me to expect a call from Ron. At least I think that’s what happened. Weird, I tell you. Then I went back to sleep.

But tomorrow, or more like later on today, I am going to get to meet Heidi in person, the photo editor of this new magazine I applied at as a PR intern. She seems really cool. I’ll write up how it all goes when I get home. Until then…Ciao!!


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