Flow of Consciousness

It’s been almost 3 weeks since my last post. Since then, my friend Janice got married and I got to pat her 5 month pregnant stomach. Chad revealed his engagement plans. I saw Everybody Else play in Long Beach where Carrick was trying to listen in on our conversation. The new 2-story Target opened. I wrote and submitted an essay for this Magazine Publishers of America internship in New York. I worked on C.S.I. at the Hollywood Park Casino where there was a bomb explosion. I saw Phantom Planet and Ben Lee at The Roxy and took a picture with Ben. My cousin came to visit from Japan and I played tour guide. I bought my Halloween costume. You know the scene in Charlie’s Angels where they do the singing telegram in German Fraulein costumes. Yeah, so I’m going as one of the Angels in disguise. Haha. I’m going to look damn cute. I guess I’m going out to West Hollywood for the Carnavale again. What I really want to go to is a costume ball. Does anyone know of one? Or a really grand Halloween house party like at a mansion or something. I got a root canal. Or the beginning of one at least. I have to go back two more times. And that’s another $800 bucks I don’t have. Crap. I need me some money. I applied for a magazine internship, a wardrobe assistant for a pilot and fashion shoots and a commercial production office paid internship. I am volunteering at the Rock 4 Xmas Charity Tour this Sunday and the Long Beach March of Dimes walk on November 15th. VolunteerMatch.org, try it now. I am seriously thinking about applying at Doctors Without Borders in the fundraising department in New York but it’s only a temp position. That would be so awesome. I celebrated with Cathy on her birthday at Bucca’s and Dave and Buster’s and played Skeeball until my heart was content. I went to the temple and asked whoever was listening for things that I really needed. Like life direction and money. Yeah, I asked for money. There’s desperation for you if you’ve never seen it before. I did say I was going to donate it to the temple if I happened to come into a handful of it.

My horoscope for December said that I’ve had a lot of setbacks over the past year, and that I should pat myself on the back for the stamina, resourcefulness, and grace I’ve exhibited throughout. After the 21st, the cosmic current finally shifts, bringing a steady flow of good fortune and paving the way for a gratifying 2004. Yay!!!

Granted it was in Allure but hey it’s a good one and I’m believing it.


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