Interview with NBC

In my last entry I forgot to add Drew Barrymore as one of my idols. I saw her on Inside the Actor’s Studio last night and was reminded why she has been my all-time favorite female actor. As for male actor I have this unexplainable attraction to Alan Cumming.

The other night I watched “Velvet Goldmine” for the first time. Wow, is all I have to say. I didn’t even know Ewan McGregor was in it. And the boy from “Bend It Like Beckham” got kudos from me. And here I thought he was just another pretty face with an accent. Then I watched “The Truth About Cats and Dogs” for the millionth time and fell in love with Ben Chaplin all over again. See, it’s the name Ben thing.

My NBC interview went smoothly. I did get there a half hour late because of this unexplained phenomena called traffic. But, I called the guy and he said it was okay and to come in anyway. Traffic gave me an ulcer and I almost passed out in the middle of the interview. He’s only looking to hire one person and he had interviewed tons of people today. So, I won’t be holding my breath. Although, it would be super, super cool.

Tomorrow I’m working on “ER” because I’m going to kidnapped Noah Wyle and put him in my pocket cuz he’s just so adorable. I finally saw last season’s finale last week. It was so good.


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