NBC Studios Called Me Back

I just got a call to schedule an interview at NBC Studios for a post-production department production assistant position. What a tongue twister. Just in the nick of time as I was about to get dressed and go apply at Nordy’s. Which I will probably still do, just for the holiday discounts and all. You all know where your presents will be coming from this year. Anyways, the call was a sign from the heavens above. Do not succumb. I’m just excited about being given the opportunity. Okay, enough hallmarking.

Wednesday night I volunteered at the LA International Short Film Festival and saw about three of the 400 films being shown. Can I just say…epiphany…I can totally do what they were doing. It got me all motivated and excited about my own passions and that I too wanted to be a respected filmmaker.

Then I watched Sofia Coppola on Charlie Rose last night. You know how in high school they always asked who you idolized and well I never had an answer. Well, she’s my hero. Alongside Jenny Lewis that is. You do what you believe in.

I booked a flight to NYC for September 30th-Oct 8th. I will be gone a week. Look at me jet-setting like Gywneth. If anyone wants anything from Boston or New York, give me a holler.

I’m munching on a guacamole Boca sandwich and downing it with Fanta strawberry soda. Life doesn’t get any better than this. Haha.


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