My Debut on Las Vegas

I worked a 14-hour day yesterday on the show “Las Vegas” at the Roosevelt hotel, which is supposedly haunted by some of old Hollywood icons. I didn’t run into any ghosts but look for me in about 4 weeks in this particular episode and watch my acting skills parlay. I am the “lovely volunteer” that sits on stage when the psychic who is suppose to be reading my mind collapses from a heart attack. So, I react with an aghast gasp and watch as Nikki Cox and the paramedics try to revive him. Warning, spoiler ahead: He dies.

So, I finally got to eat at Happy Family. I am a happy camper. I ate enough House “chicken” to sate me a month. I went in for my interview at Living Elements but it turns out that since I’m out of school they can’t take me on as an intern and would have to hire me as a “learner”. It’s up to the big boss if she wants to go ahead and do that. The girl I interviewed with liked me but she says it’s up to the boss cuz I would be working for her and they haven’t called me back. So, I’ve given up on that one and have applied at Crusader entertainment, a family film production company, as an entry level assistant, another on a feature film as a pre-production intern but a paid production assistant once production begins and one other as an entry level editor/production assistant at some broadcasting studio.

I need me a full-time gig or winning lotto numbers. I’m going to go sautee some eggplants now.


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