Interview and Interviews

I woke up this morning and cancelled my interview at the temp agency because Central Casting had called me the night before to book me on the new Alicia Silverstone series, “Miss Match”. I got all cute and ready and left and was just about to change onto the 710 when Justin from Central calls my cell and with a conspicuous sweetness to his voice asks me if I’m on my way to set. Yes, of course. Well, change of plans. One of the crew members had an accident so they cancelled the shoot for today. Bummer. I hope the crew person is alright. So, they’re sending me a half check. A half day’s worth of pay for attempting to go to work. Not bad. So, I wonder what I can do since I’m up and about but then realize I can do damage wherever major credit cards are accepted. So, I head on home.

I jobhunt some more. And found a paid internship at a production company. $50 bucks a day. Not bad, considering my last internships paid only for gas and food. I figure I’d do two days a week just for the experience and contacts. I sent my resume and about an hour later I receive a phone call. She liked my cover letter because it wasn’t a real cover letter. She said it stood out and that she had received tons of resumes but has already narrowed it down to a few potentials. She wanted me to come in tomorrow but I was already booked as a partygoer on a show called “Skin”. Woohoo. Dancing all day again. And, she’s only interviewing tomorrow and Friday and wants someone to start next week full-time. I was like woah. Isn’t this an internship? Full-time, doesn’t sound internship-ish to me. So, we’ll see.

I also found this magazine publishing internship that would take me to D.C. and New York in February thru April ’04. That would pretty awesome. Eeeek!! But I have to apply first. I need a real job instead of all these internships.

I’ve finally found my egg shaker. Yay!!


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