Bitten by the Travel Bug

I’m staring at my passport with a dire urge to put a new stamp in it. I’ve been job searching the entire day and have only emerged with an appointment at a temp agency for tomorrow morning. I have a CPU glare induced headache. So, I want to be a copywriter at $27 bucks an hour. I really want this pink-sequined scarf at Bebe’s but I swore that the only purchases I would make for the month of September would be Radiohead tickets and a plane ticket, destination NYC. And I’m going to stick to that promise. Must develop will power. I ate an entire big-size Hershey with almonds bar for lunch because its that time of month again. I’ve been using this new skincare product line called Repechage and I haven’t broken out in two weeks (knock on wood). I had a comforting dream last night about an old friend. I want to eat at Happy Family Vegetarian Restaurant in Rowland Heights. I want to order the orange “chicken” and sweet and sour “pork”. I want to win the lotto so I can stop job hunting. That reminds me…I’m hungry.

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