Pink’s Plus Belle & Sebastian = Bliss

After what seemed like an eternity to my ravenous stomach, but really was about a 20-minute wait in line, I was ready to devour my “Baja Veggie Dog” ($2.95 tax included), a vegan dog topped with guacamole, chopped onions and chopped tomatoes. Angela had the famous chili cheese dog ($2.75) and we split a side of french fries ($1.70) and a side of onion rings ($1.95). The fries and onion rings, I believe, are baked after they are fried so they are extra crispy and not so oily. Cuz I hate soggy fries. The fries are perfectly seasoned. Kinda like Rally’s fries but better. I had a Pink’s bottled water ($1) to drink because the bottle’s label had a big hot dog on it and I saved the bottle for my little brother. It was all good. I’d go again for the fries and onion rings but I’d just home-make my own Smart Dogs on honey wheat buns with sweet onion, relish, ketchup and mustard. And if I wanted, I’d top it off with homemade guacamole cuz there’s wasn’t spicy enough for me.

After Pink’s and some quick money-making attempts we headed over to the Greek Theater to purchase tickets to Belle and Sebastian for that night. The tickets were $35 flat. No ticketing fees by dollarmonger Ticketmaster. The guy in the box office sold us Section A right side row T seats. Pretty good for buying them at the box office day of. But he told us to come back to check for better seats as it gets closer to the show. We check back a couple times and got lucky when he had stashed away specifically for us a pair of 10th row center. When we went to our seats we couldn’t believe how close we were. It was great.

The open act was Bright Eyes with special guests from his label, I was about to pee my pants, when I slowly recognized members of Rilo Kiley. I was so gosh darned excited to see Jenny on stage. Then I saw Jason, then Blake, but Pierre was missing. There was this cute keyboard player but we couldn’t place what Saddlecreek band he was from. I had mixed emotions about Bright Eyes before the show. And I think I still have mixed emotions. I liked the keyboard songs, some of the more mellow acoustic songs but no so much of the super-whiney songs.

Then…the moment I had been waiting for my entire life…Belle and Sebastian. Fifteen or so people came on stage. And even though I didn’t know all the words to all the songs or all the names of all the members, I felt like I was the biggest fan there with the exception of the shaggy-haired boy dancing non-stop in the pit. Together as one, the entire theater, was one great big fan. We listened together, danced together, sang together, clapped together, and snapped together. It was great unison. I was elated. I didn’t want the night to end.


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