Food Critic in the Making

I declared today in “Zankou Chicken” on Sunset Blvd after my fourth falafel and my many pita scoops of tabbouleh and hummus that I am going to attempt to eat at every place I possibly can at least once. Sure, it may seem like a lofty goal but I think of it as research for future magazine articles and it also makes great convo pieces. I’ll be more food cultured. I’m starting a book on food places.

Zankou Chicken
5065 W Sunset Blvd
Middle Eastern
I ordered the falafel plate ($5) which included five pool ball-sized falafels cooked to crisp perfection served on a bed of romaine lettuce and tomatoes, served with two warm pitas, zesty tahini sauce, awe-inspiring hummus and pickled peppers and radish. I split an appetizer-size of tabbouleh ($3.30) with Angela and washed it down with a medium orange Slice ($2). It was real yum. If you like falafels as much as I do, you should also check out “Daphne’s Greek Cafe” at the Long Beach Towne Center cuz they have cucumber tzatziki sauce in addition to the tahini to dip the falafels in.

Then we cruised on over to Melrose and for dessert I had lemon gelato ($4). I didn’t catch the name of the place. But it’s semi-across the street from “Crossroads”, the snobby used-clothing store. “Wasteland” is so much better. Anyways, I’m so in love with gelato. “Red Brick Pizza” in Cerritos has pretty decent pineapple gelato that is reminiscent of the pineapple Dole whip.

I’m on an aggressive search. Does anyone know a place where I can get amusement park-grade churros and pineapple Dole whips outside of Disneyland? The twisted churros at Costco’s made me sick. I need me a good churro.

I live to eat and not the other way around. If I go broke eating my way across the world, so be it.

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