I’m Not a Real Waitress, I Just Play One on TV

I’ve just come to the realization that I am addicted to the internet. I was going through withdrawal. So, we got a temp monitor for now. It’s actually pretty cool. It’s a Samsung LCD flat screen. But I’m still looking foward to the G5.

I had an easy day of work today. My car and I were booked for a tv show called “Yes, Dear”. All I had to do was drive my car to the parking lot, park it next to the minivan being used by the actors, sit back and watch all the action for 5 hours and get paid $80 bucks. My car is a primetime sitcom star. Before I know it, it’ll have its own show.

Tomorrow my car is taking the day off and I get to play a waitress on the new tv show “The Handler”. I hate playing a waitress cuz you don’t get real tips and your wrists always hurts afterwards.

I’m not a real waitress, but I play one on tv.


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