Sick Computer

I’ve been missing in action because my beloved Apple is sick. We’re in the process of getting a…ready for this…the new G5 and then in December I’m going to get the Powerbook for New York, if it’s out by then. But, this is just a little notice to say that I’ll be offline for awhile but until I’m up and running again I’ll just have to pick up the darn phone or write a letter. So, if I haven’t been responding to your emails…now you know why. See ya when I see ya. Oooh, I just found Belle and Sebastian tickets for the Greek this Sunday are still available. Anyone want to go? Belle and Sebastian. Gosh darn it, I’m gonna pee my pants from all the excitement. Oh, I passed my driver’s test last Thursday and all my tests came back a-okay. I’m in the clear. I’m still unsure about Thailand. Life isn’t that bad at the moment.


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