Conversations with the DMV

I had for breakfast two veggie Morningstar sausage links. They’re real yum. And a protein pizzazz smoothie so I’m starting my day the protein way.

I just called the casting director Brad at Central and he was really nice. I’m multi-tasking as I eat my breakfast, check email, weblog. We had a whole conversation about nothing.

So, I’m booked for “The OC” again for tomorrow. We were recalled from yesterday which shot at Club Fais Do-Do for Tijuana, Mexico. I think it’s really funny they made an entire hour drama on Orange County. I guess OC is the new LA.

I have to wait at home today for a phone interview from the “dun-dun-duh” dreaded DMV at 2:15pm. It’s my fault I gave them my home number instead of my cell. Now, I have to be at their beckon call. I don’t even know if they’ve received the medical evaluation forms that my neurologist was suppose to fill out yet. I just barely had the last test done last week. I don’t even know the results. But I’m sure if it was life-threatening I’d be notified by now. It’s the least they could do.

Them: Hi. Is Isabella there?
Me: This is Isabella.
Them: Isabella, we have your test results and it seems like, well, you’re dying. In fact, you have about a week to live.
Me: A week? But, I have yet to fall maddingly in love, climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, till I find my dream.
Them: Are you a big fan of “The Sound of Music”?
Me: Oh, yes. I love that movie. I’ve only seen it 646 times. Um, why?
Them: (singing) A dream that will need/All the love you can give/Everyday of your life/For as long as you live
Me: Excuse me?
Them: The song, “Climb Every Mountain”. You were quoting it.
Me: No, I wasn’t.
Them: Yes, you were.
Me: No, I wasn’t.
Them: Yes, you were.
Me: No, I wasn’t. Wait. I only have a week to live? But I took the the test over a week ago.
Them: Yes, well we received the results that day.
Me: Why, didn’t you call me sooner?
Them: Office protocol. If we don’t wait at least a minimum of seven days before notifying the patient we run the risk of spontaneous combustion.
Me: Spontaneous combustion of what?
Them: We’re not told of what. We’re only told that we’re not to notifiy patients of results before seven days, if not more, has passed. Or else…
Me: Or else what?
Them: We don’t know.
Them: You know according to my calculations…you should’ve died yesterday.
Me: (thud)
Them: Hello. Hello. Hello? Damn, off by one day. That’s going to ruin my record.


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