I Will Not Objectify…Not

A retraction on the whole Carrick is hot entry. Yeah, well driving down the 57 after dropping my sister off at her apartment in my plaid pj shorts and tee I had to go get gas. And while filling up the car alongside a busy main street in my pajamas I decided that I didn’t want to help contribute to the objectification of people anymore. I wanted to call people on their integrity, generosity, compassion and creativity. Who am I kidding? The day I stop looking at cute boys and branding them as hot is the day I die.

I made me a Boca sandwich with grilled onions and mushrooms marinated in garlic, chili pepper, parsley and olive oil and topped with vine-ripened tomatoes and romaine lettuce. There’s something about saltwater taffy that I just love.

I went to Universal Studios yesterday with four thirteen-year-old boys. And I’ve never seen such an impatient group of dispassionate kids. All they did was complain that lines were too long and that it was too hot and that they didn’t want to wait and what they did want to do was spend the entire day in the arcade. What the f*%k? Today’s disillusioned youth.

So, after everything I went through on Wednesday I still have to go in for my EEG, CAT scan and also a dental appointment. My neurologist found the best price possible but I have to pay cash. I have three medical appointments all in one day. I think I’ll just die at the end of the day too. Damn, that wasn’t how I was looking to spend a Wednesday. But, it’s crunch time because I have an appointment with the DMV on August 7th. Then I can put all of this behind me with an empty bank account and all.


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