I should be sleeping cuz I have an early calltime tomorrow but I had to divulge a little secret. Carrick is hot. Yep, that’s my secret. Okay, so it’s not really a secret that he’s hot. But it was a secret that I thought he was hot. Okay, no that’s a lie too. Everyone knew that I thought he was hot. Great show, too many teenage girls though. After the show Angela and I jet-setted off to Barfly, which we normally wouldn’t be caught at, but it was my sister’s birthday. It was a nice place minus all the gross guys who tried to break into our dancing circle. It’s like just because you go to these meat market places everyone assumes that it’s okay to grab you in places you’d rather not be grabbed. Blech. Well, senors and senoritas (I can’t do the little squiggly on the N’s) it’s off to dreamland I go. Buenos noches.


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