7-Eleven Regular

I am now an official 7-Eleven slurpee regular. They almost know me by name. I’ve been in there 4 times last week. My momma and I went to San Diego to try our luck on the slots and today being lucky 13, I pocketed $215 bucks. Yay me. I treated my mom to a nice dinner and bought my brother two new PS2 games. I bought for myself this cute travel bag with cosmetics included from Clinique. I love unexpected money. It’s so much more fun to spend.

There’s nothing in the world I hate more than taking medicine. It’s this thing I have against it since I was a child. Antihistimines, pain relievers, cough medicine…I just like to let nature take its course and heal myself naturally. But last night my foot was swelling and hurting with every step that I had to down four extra strength Tylenols before going to sleep. And I slept like a baby. I also had some really visceral dreams. I almost couldn’t differentiate between imagination and reality. Before I know it I’ll be downing Vicodin in large quantities. Kids, just say no to drugs.

Friendster will get the best of me. I really need to stop checking that damn thing. Must find more productive things to do with my time. Once you start you can’t stop. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. But do join so I can add you as a friend. Muahahaha.

Would it be a big suprise if I told you all that I was getting married? Would it be that big of a shocker? Quite frankly, it sounds a bit absurd just seeing it in print. I wouldn’t believe it myself so why would you. I don’t know why I wrote that. But occasionally, when I do give it some thought, I envision a quaint wedding on a bluff overlooking the ocean with the entire wedding party barefoot. But, then again there’s also something captivating and exciting about eloping and getting married overnight.

When I imagine the whole thing, the bride who is suppose to be me, cuz it’s my daydream, is never me. It’s not like she’s faceless, she’s a real person just not me. The groom is blurred cuz I don’t know him yet and my friends and family are there clearly defined and all there and I’m watching an impersonator take my vows and pretend to be me. Is it that I am so faraway that I can’t even picture myself in that situation? Cleary, I have issues. This is all because I watched the Wedding Planner on tv tonight. Stupid movie. Actually, it wasn’t. I quite enjoyed it.

I am rambling about nothing. Pay no attention.


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