The Lemon Puzzle

The egg dropped today so it was a very emotional day. I was almost in tears while trying to convince my doctor to do something illegal. Not really illegal but just searching really hard for some administration loopholes. I had a dream last night and my boy, J. Timberlake was in it and there was one shower scene and the rest I’ll leave up to y’all’s imagination. Have fun. Cuz ya know I did. I even tried to go back to sleep but it didn’t work, dammit.

The weekend family bonding was actually a lot of fun. We hadn’t done it in awhile and suprisingly we all had the most fun we’ve ever had together. I had sideaches from laughing so much. There was this one scene in a very upscale misleadingly named steakhouse that came complete with classical music, dim lighting and $35 dollar plates that looked like art sculptures (my Standing Caesar Salad was literally standing). The tux-wearing maitre’d served us these lemon halves wrapped in gauze-like cloth and tied with a green ribbon. We weren’t sure if we were suppose to cleanse or eat or what. So, my sister squeezes it on her crab, my lil bro scrubs his hands with it, my big lil bro plays with it, my dad smells it and my mom wants to take it home as a souvenir cuz it’s so pretty. I would have squeezed it in my ice water if I hadn’t already had slices in my glass. I’m sure the wait staff was waiting in the kitchen with a pool going to see what we’d do with the lemons. It was a fun weekend though. I never thought my family could be this much fun. I’ve never seen my dad laugh this much before. It’s the best sound in the world, my dad’s laughter. I guess the older you get the more you learn to appreciate your family. They’re the only ones who will ever completely understand all my idiosyncrasies. I love my family.


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