Fireworks are a bad polluting tradition

I guess I’m too old for fireworks this year or that I finally realize what a disgusting, polluting tradition it really is. It is very pretty with the bright flashing lights and all. But, the aftermath it leaves is maybe not worth it all. Everyone is outside celebrating our country’s independence by blowing up mostly illegal stuff and creating all this smoke and garbage. So very American.

Tomorrow I’m headed down to San Diego to spend some good ole quality time with the family. I’m going to go swimming, read by the pool, gamble a little, eat lots of yummy food at a friend’s restaurant, stop by Sea World to free the whales and dolphins, the San Diego Zoo to free the giraffes and friends and lastly and most importantly try to stay away from the idiotically drunken crowds. It sounds like WWIII outside, I wish I had a bomb shelter to escape the noise pollution, air pollution and stupid people pollution madness.


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