Freak/Weirdo Magnet

Summary of my weekend:
After getting home from work Saturday morning, sleeping in and after a Wal-mart excursion, I ventured out to Little Tokyo and saw Satori Daiko, a Japanese Taiko group, with APSA members old and new. I looove taiko drums. They are the greatest things. I want to take lessons now.

Sunday I tried sleeping in again because I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep and have been narcoleptic lately falling asleep in random places. But I wasn’t successful and woke up after a few hours sleep. Then I headed off to Jillian’s at Citywalk for some bowling with childhood friends I hadn’t seen since I was ten. What a time warp that experience was. Really weird. But I’m glad that we all turned out to be really cool adults. My sister has established that I am an official freak/weirdo magnet. If there is a freak/weirdo within a mile radius sooner or later they’ll be headed my way. As it did today at Jillian’s.

On the way home my sister and I experienced this weird ass phenomenon. As we slowed at a stop sign there was a car in front of us and one opposite of us heading our way. We then slowed and this weird prism like glob of light was circling about. Then this shadow of a head walks across the front of the car and as the car moves foward it disappears as if we just drove through it. And there was no one crossing the street. Weird, huh?

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