My Wants for Today

I’m awake. I awoke at 10:30am. The little, red fishies didn’t work. I was extremely exhausted yesterday and crashed. I guess I’ll be drinking the brewed stuff tonight to keep awake. It’s going to be a loooong night. Bittersweet indeed cuz overtime is always welcomed and much needed but going home from work when the dawn breaks is another story.

Oooh, the mail is here. Be right back…Nothing but credit card applications, blah.

I want to go rollerskating. Anyone up for it? I want to find something that will inspire a tattoo that I’ve always wanted to get and will not regret. I want to get it on the inside of my wrist. Is that possible? Will it hurt? I want the freeways to flow as freely as they do at 3:00 o’ clock in the morning. But, who doesn’t? I want my acne-prone skin to stop breaking out. I want to be more environmentally conscious…more than just recycling, reducing and reusing and signing a couple of petitions a month. Knowledge at your fingertips Environmental Defense. I want my mommy and daddy to live forever. I want to go sailing. I want to learn Italian by osmosis. I’m still on “Ciao, come stai? Buon giorno. Bene, grazie. Piacere.” I want a drum kit. I want an empty padded room with gymnastic floors and ballet barres. I want friends who are different from me. I want enough friends to put together a softball team. I want to be my own boss. I want to learn more about macrobiotics. I want to practice macrobiotics for at least a year. Does this mean I would have to give up candy? I want a big bathroom with an cast iron clawfoot bathtub. And lastly, I want peace. Peace within myself and peace around the world.

Those are my wants for today. That’s all.


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