A $1080 dollar co-pay?!

I just got back from a film shoot at UCLA and now I am downing handfuls of Swedish fish trying to stay up as late as possible. Cuz tomorrow I have to go back to the shoot with a 5:30pm calltime that will probably wrap around 5:30am in the morning. The movie or show is called First Daughter and stars Katie Holmes and Forest Whitaker is the director.

I had a freaking long day today. I had a appointment to get a echocardiogram, some test that reads your heartbeats. I need this test so that my doctor can finally fill out the DMV forms so I can clear my record or else face suspension. Yeah, well I went in and the technician guy comes out with a bewildered sympathetic face and tells me that my co-pay is $1080. Hello, someone not paying attention? I am broke-ass poor, remember? So, I leave the hospital and head for some comfort food. I had unagi, endamame and miso soup from Kabuki’s and bought a big bag of Swedish fish from Walgreens. Then I headed to the dentist where I find out that I have a deep cavity underneath an existing filling. It’s so deep that I need to get a crown which is going to cost another $600 bucks. Actually the treatment plan they drew up for me came out to be over $1000 with suggested but not really necessary procedures. I’m dying here people. Not literally, just in case you read this with the wrong diction. Today was an emotionally draining day toppled by a physically exhausting trek across the UCLA campus. I’m pooped. I need a vacation.


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