Thoughts for today about nothing in particular

I am a gimp. I had surgery on my right ring toe today and have to gimp around. It didn’t hurt too much until I stubbed it and probably reopened the wound. Ow, that hurt. Clumsy, I am.

I missed the Duck rally today so I watched parts of it on tv. I didn’t think they were going to have one since they lost but they did anyway for the fans. Hockey is my new favorite sport, since Game 6 when Kariya was knocked out by Stevens and came back with a vengeance to wrap up their win. Damn, it was like watching Mighty Ducks 4 or something. My new favorite sports player, Paul Kariya. He just epitomizes Disney approved protagonist, all around good guy. And the thing is, he’s humble about it all. Way to go sport. I’m adding attend a Ducks game to my list of things to do.

I named my sister’s new baby platy fish “Syracuse Nemo” cuz he’s orange. He’s a tiny fella and much of a loner. All the other fish in the tank are mollies and guppies. He’s my favorite cuz he’s got spunk and he’s cool hanging by himself.

Music alert: Oh, check out Turin Brakes this Saturday 2pm at Amoeba Records for a free show. If you like The Strokes, Coldplay, Radiohead, White Stripes, The Doves, Oasis, Starsailor, Travis, Muse and/or Blur then you’ll probably like Turin Brakes. They’re also playing at the Troubadour that night.

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