Food Tasting in HB

Hello!!! I am back from my audition and bout around town. The audition was just a go-see. They just wanted to see and meet us in person. The room was full of mega cool, trendy hipsters-male and female. Everyone was so hot. It was getting hot in therrrre. Casting will get back to us in a week, hopefully. Fingers crossed.

I thought I had lost my driver’s license and gym card today cuz I keep it in the plastic sleeve on my keychain, which I’m not going to do anymore. So, I was driving around town, retracing my steps, searching for my stuff. I had to go back to Dairy Queen and Trader Joe’s. Everyone was so helpful though, searching back rooms and freezers but without any luck. I went back to my car and did a more thorough search and found them in one of the bags. Whew. Close call. Cuz it would have been a pain to get a new one with the restrictions I have yet to clear.

Man oh man, am I stuffed or what? I accompanied Angela to some concierge food tasting event put on by some lifestyle magazine and we dined at four different restaurants in three hours. It took place in Huntington Beach, we started off at Duke’s and I stuffed myself there with crab cakes, seared ahi sashimi, cream cheese wontons, sugar cane shrimp, cheese and veggies. Then we went to Aloha Grill and I ate ahi tuna served cerviche this time and a mahi mahi spring roll and tried to down their rainbow cocktail but it wasn’t agreeing with me. Then we went to Longboards and I had cajun shrimp, buttered clams and pasta salad and downed a Pepsi. Then we finished our meal with sweets at Chimayo, even though I wanted to try their food but dessert, margueritas and coffee was all that was being served. We had raspberry chocolate crusted cheesecake, chewy brownies and this fruit drizzled with chocolate served in a sugar basket tart thing. I couldn’t handle another marguerita so I passed it off to an under-ager. Ooops. Boy am I full.


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