Red Bull Auditions

Summer Road Trip Song: “Boys of Summer” – DJ Sammy, The Ataris, Don Henley…

I’m home by myself right now and I’m scared cuz I just watched “The Ring” last night. That was one crazy scary movie. I’m scared. Think good thoughts. Happy thoughts. Ice-cream, road trips, slurpees, oh, speaking of, they just opened a 7-Eleven down the street by my house. Slurpees 24/7. Woohoo.

I watched “Finding Nemo” the other night and it’s just the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m going to learn how to speak whale.

Oh, I got myself an audition on Monday for the Red Bull commercial. Send me your good vibes around 11am on Monday morning. I have no idea what I have to do. Oh, well. Those make for the best auditions. Well, to tell stories at least.

I tried to make an appointment for the neurologist and the earliest day they can pencil me in is July fucking 27th. Hello. If there was something wrong with me I’d probably die before my appointment. Beezus. The thing is my appointment with the DMV is June 10th and I need the neurologist to see me ASAP so I can go back to my physician ASAP so she can sign the papers ASAP so I can take it to the DMV ASAP. Haha. I’d be lucky if I get it done this year. Driving with a license is overrated anyways. Live on the edge. Rules were made for breaking, right?

And I’m getting foot surgery this coming week. And it’s a multiple procedure so I’ll probably be gimping around for the rest of June. My little crooked ring toes won’t be crooked anymore. My funny man of a podiatrist, who calls me Izzy, tells me to get them fixed now because it’ll only get worse. I will miss them, my crooked little toes.

So, I think I’m going to Thailand in August. I think. Nothing more definite than that. Not yet at least.


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