Intangible of the Intangibles

I was overwhelmed by the intangible of the intangibles today. Just walking along, minding myself when suddenly I became winded. I couldn’t place what it was that made me feel like the weight of the world was being beared on my shoulders. Conscious of every breath which was getting harder and harder to exhale, if felt like time was moving in slow motion. I blinked once then twice trying to return the world to its normal pace. All these visions came flooding to the surface. Visions of people, things, places, ideas of the past, present and future were all being swirled into one big, swirly blob. I’m feeling hopeless and helpless and it’s driving me insane I guess. I don’t know what I want but I know it’s not this. My growth is being inhibited. I’m too much of a dreamer, a hopeless romantic, a visionary, an idealist for my own good. I’m waiting for something that will not come within my lifetime. Give up.

Melodramatic…can you handle it?


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