Aidswalk a Success and Vasovagal Syncope

The AidsWalk was a success. Altogether, we raised $700,000 something dollars. Thanks to everyone who donated.

After the walk I ran over to Fingerprints in Long Beach to film Ed Harcourt perform a few songs. Ed was walking around the LB with a velvet blazer on. Quite a sight. And with only 3 hours of sleep in the past 3 days, he stood and signed stuff until the last person had a chance. What a sport. So, I passed out fliers for the show he and Sondre Lerche, the most adorable boy in the whole wide world, were doing Monday night at the Troubadour. And in return I got put on the list. Woohoo. I’m an honorary intern at Astralwerks.

The Troubadour show was fantastic. The opening act was a Norah Jones/Fiona Apple reminiscent. She was pretty good but not capturing. Annie Stella or something was her name. In anticipation of Sondre, I bounced from upstairs to downstairs to back upstairs and finally back downstairs to secure a spot when Sondre finally went on. Sondre was as charismatic, charming and rockin’ as he was at the Knitting Factory show. His set was excellent but way too short. Some annoying drunk girl kept yelling out bullshit comments. I wanted to sock her. She was annoying as hell. Then Ed came on and he was fantastic as well, as tipsy on wine as he was. The night ended near midnight, we ran into some friends and said hello to Jason Schwartzman, a fellow Ed Harcourt fan. I guess they’re back from Buffalo. As we headed to Spaceland to catch Everybody Else’s set we witnessed this white pickup crash into a building right across the street from the Troubadour. It was cra-zee. We got to Spaceland a little late and couldn’t find parking with all the permit zones so we decided to call it a night. But they are playing tonight at the Troubadour if anyone wants to catch them. They are all about fun indie rock.

So, armed with tons of research printouts on vasovagal syncope, I saw another doctor today for a second opinion so that I could get those damn DMV papers signed. I still have to see a neurologist but I got out of having to get a CAT scan. That’s the one test that my insurance was giving me a hard time about saying my out of pocket expenses would be like $5,000 or something. So, all in all if the neurologist okays me I don’t have to take the EEG test for seizures either. And then I’m in the clear. But instead, I have to get an ultrasound of my heart. I don’t know why. Maybe my heart is broken. Letting out a big sigh heard around the world.


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