Finding Paul Walker’s Brother

Just Applied: PR Assistant and Coordinator position at an entertainment PR firm. I’m just keeping tabs on what I’m applying for. I think it’ll be funny when I do finally land a job. I hope. Like funny har-har.

Mission Accomplished: Lauren and I set out to locate Paul Walker’s brother Caleb, we believe that’s his name, supposedly looks just like him only younger. And Paul Walker is like a Greek god to Lauren so we said what the heck and just set out on our mission. So, we put a rumor to the test, made a new friend and now know Caleb’s bartending schedule. So, guess where we’re going tomorrow night? Hanging out with the bro. Well, not really. As least not yet. But by the end of the night…who knows. As in the words of The Donnas – “Cuz I get what I want and I like what I see.” Well, at least through Lauren’s eyes. I personally don’t care much for the guy. Give me Ewan McGregor anyday. Woohoo.


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