Just Applied

Mail Messenger on the 20th Century Fox Lot. Cuz I have a degree and I want to sort mail on a movie lot.

Even though I feel like it’s hopeless I just applied for: An Executive Assistant position at National Geographic Channel in DC. I love National Geographic. I’ve always wanted to work for them. Woohoo.

I was on NBC.com and was tempted to apply for a casting call to become “America’s Princess”. Too bad the deadline had already past cuz I’d be all up on becoming a princess.
I have two new addictions…Xenosaga for PS2 and Laughing Cow cheese “the French favorite” spread on Cheez-its. Yum. And if I eat them while playing Xenosaga it’s pure ecstasy.

I was suppose to visit the doctora’s office today to get her to sign a medical evaluation form because of my vasovagal syncope. So, I forget to breathe when I’m in pain or anxious or standing for long periods in hot, crowded places. So, sue me. But I had cancelled the last three appointments she made for me so I’m not sure if she’ll sign them. If she doesn’t sign them the monsters at the DMV will revoke my license. Crap. I need to move to New York where there isn’t a need to drive.

So, I decided I’m going to spruce up my acting skills…how else but by waiting tables. C’mon, I say if I can pretend to like people long enough to get a good tip then move on over Meryl Streep cuz there’s a new cat in town. That’s serious acting for someone who dislikes 99.9% of the human population. I’m also thinking of taking a class at the EastWest Players Actors Conservatory or something. It’s something to do. And cuz I’m tired of seeing Lucy Liu play every single “Asian” role. I secretly wanted to audition for that new Debbie Allen reality show “Fame” but the dance world is so cutthroat. If you haven’t been dancing for 3/4 of your life…forgetaboutit. For now I’ll just have to settle being the star of my own bedroom.

Currently Singing – “Fame” theme song.


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